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Some of you have probably heard Combat Beach on the radio at one point or another, on FM4, with some of his songs, from his most recent 2021 album "Nowhere Feels Like Home" or his 2020 EP "Either Way, Why Worry".

But now he has a new album coming soon, called Effortlessly Cool. He starts with the first single and gives us a promising foretaste of what is to come.

"The first ten pages of kerouac's subterraneans" is the name of the new number and once again almost moves me to tears. Lyrics like "I hate Instagram and how my friends rather interact with you not me so I cuff up my jeans and keep listening to music for people who wanna leave their lives" or "I don't wanna revive another ghost from the past". straight to the heart and bring the barrel of emotions to overflowing with melodic rhythms, gentle acoustic guitar and sentimental melodica, packed in a rather brisk song.

The style of Combat Beach's new song is reminiscent of artists like "Runnner" or "Field Medic" and that's why I'm even more looking forward to the upcoming songs and his upcoming album!

The whole thing will be released, like the last few times, via Seayou Records.

There is also a super cool video for the new song that you absolutely have to watch! The good piece was shot and planned by Vanessa Jakoubek. It was cut and edited by Yara Sebacher.

Before I forget! We also have some Combat Beach merch in our shop.

If you want to support him, check out his artist store on our homepage.

The Artist Stores are there to support the bands and not for our profit!





03.02. Brno, CZ

04.02. Praha, CZ

05.02. Krakow, PL


"the first ten pages of kerouac's subterraneans" was released on January 27th, 2023 via Seayou Records.



Nailhead Magazine

Photos: Graphic Collage by Constantin Jacbs -> Original by Lukas Meixner


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