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Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge Heckspoiler fan. That's why I was particularly happy when the second album "Tokyo Drift" came out on June 10th via Noise Appeal Records. And of course I wasn't disappointed. I'm always rather cautious with my euphoria when one of my favorite bands comes out with something new, because then people often experiment, or the sound goes into a different genre, or people desperately try to reinvent themselves, whatever, I've just often been disappointed. But not so with Tokyo Drift!

But that doesn't mean that the duo hasn't tried something new, because Maurice, the second single from the album, initially takes a very strong picture book direction. But fortunately the crowbar is applied after the second verse and the usual brute sound gets the blood pumping again. I'm always surprised by this all-devastating and insanely hard and massive bass, I think I can hear a lot of Motörhead influence there. And then the crisp and tight drums, relentlessly crushing everything that gets in its way, like a train. For me, the band resembles a force of nature that can't be stopped by anything, unless they have to stop at the grocery store to buy a beer. How come?! Well, if we listen to the lyrics to the Brechstange songs more closely, then you can hear that it's about everyday things, just like track one, Tokyo Drift, where you can hear at the top of your lungs, "Your village is worth nothing without its Eurospar”, is shouted into your ear.

Or track eleven, with the beautiful title Saufen, where we hear this lyric phrase: "And tomorrow I'll be getting drunk, I've been meaning to do that for a long time." really gets on my nerves. I would love to tell you a lot more about this absolutely successful album, but I think it's best if you check out Tokyo Drift yourself and get an idea of ​​the Heckis for yourself. Of course you can listen to the album on all popular streaming platforms. But if you prefer to have it on vinyl or CD, you can check it out on Bandcamp. There is also a very amusing documentary about the creation of the album in the Doom Studios in Linz on the Noise Appeal Records YouTube channel, which I can only warmly recommend to you.

For me, the Power Duo is still one of my favorite bands, and that's why I give it five out of five nails.

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Nailhead Magazine

Translation: Constantin Jacobs

1. Photo: Original by Doris Himmelbauer | Collage by Constantin Jacobs


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