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Rehearsal Room Session #8 | Bad Karma Club (Live) presented by Nailhead Magazine

Bad Karma Club is the project of Linz based musician Mario Sanchez. His music is inspired by early emo and punk rock. Weird distorted guitars and lively melodies merge perfectly into a beautiful lo-fi creation. Vocals that bring you sad feelings but melodies that want you to wake up early to watch the sunrise describe the vibe of Bad Karma Club pretty close. A bit of Title Fight, Basement and Tigers Jaw with a little taste of Bass Drum Of Death and the mixture is called Bad Karma Club.

We are lucky we got Bad Karma Club on video for our eighth rehearsal room session.

Recorded live and one take at Bad Karma Clubs Rehearsal Room in Linz, Austria.

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Presented by Nailhead Magazine

This Video is recorded on a Panasonic Mini DV Camcorder and on a JVC Memory Camcorder.

Thanks for watching!

Camera work: Constantin Jacobs & Theresa Strohmer

Cut & Production: Constantin Jacobs


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