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SABULTURO1920 Corona Sampler 12" Vinyl


SABULTURO1920 Corona Sampler 12" Vinyl

20,00 €Preis

My last three 12" vinyl of the Sabulturo1920 Sampler.

13 tracks written in the time of quarantine forced by the dangerous virus Covid 19.

Various austrian artists recorded their music at home, specifically for this sampler project initiated by austrian musician Salamirecorder.

Featuring Artists:

Mila Wang, Lucifers Mom, Monokay, Reino Glutberg, Balu & die Surfgrammeln, The Rumperts, Johnny & the Drummachine, Death Before Digital, Cutting Machine, The First In The Future, Salamirecorder, Georg Danzig Revue, Seesea Jacobs

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