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Rehearsal Room Session #10 | Georg Danzig (Live) presented by Nailhead Magazine

Georg Danzig is like the Dracula of Austropop. He doesn´t like the sun and going outside is the worst thing he can imagine. Not because he would die in the sun but he hates the sun so much that his toenails are curling if he thinks about it. His music is a mix between classic Austropop and back in the days 60´s surf music. You only really know what he's going for with his sound and presence when he's playing with his full band!

So we are lucky we got Georg Danzig and his full band on video for our 10th rehearsal room session.

Recorded live and one take at Georg Danzigs Rehearsal Room in Vienna, Austria.

(Cut away the short breaks with talks in-between the songs but otherwise it was a one take recording)

Thanks for watching!



Presented by Nailhead Magazine

This Video is recorded on a Panasonic Mini DV Camcorder and on a JVC Memory Camcorder.

Camera work: Constantin Jacobs

Cut & Production: Constantin Jacobs


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