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Owner and publisher

Editor-in-chief, illustration, graphic design, textile printing, photo/film:

Constantin Jacobs

Purpose of the company

Publication of the online magazine "Nailhead Magazine".

Sale of goods (clothing, merchandise etc.).

Company description

The "Nailhead Magazine" is an online magazine that reports on the wide-ranging field of music and everything that goes with it.


All images, texts and contributions on are protected by copyright.

It is not permitted to copy web pages or parts thereof (such as texts, images) and pass them on to third parties without the express written consent of the publisher.

The publication of images and content is only permitted after consultation with the editors.

Giving credit (in unequivocal assignment to the picture or contribution) is mandatory.


No liability is assumed for the completeness, correctness and topicality of information, data, assertions etc., even if we make every effort to ensure correctness.

Logo design: Constantin Jacobs

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