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  • One-time listing fee of only €70.​

  • The online merch deal is valid for sale in our web shop.

  • Applies to white or black Earth Positive Basic T-Shirts.

  • As many shirts with different designs as you want! (Each new design €50)

*You will have the listing fee back in after only a few T-Shirts have been sold!

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  • No risk or effort because we take over the production, shipping and sale of the shirts.

  • After only a few t-shirts have been sold, you will have the €70 back.

  • Make a profit with every shirt sold without any effort.

  • No further costs and effort for production, sale and shipping.

  • Any shirt design in A4 possible.

  • No restrictions in terms of design and color.​

  • You get a large percentage of each shirt sold.

  • Own artist store in our online shop with your products.

  • No risk on your part.

  • Online merchandise can be purchased by you at any time in small to medium quantities of 6-25 shirts at a reasonable price for personal use.

  • 24/7 E-Mail Support.

  • Our magazine is there to support the music scene and not for our profit, so we guarantee you honesty, reliability, timely accurate payment, good quality and a pleasant professional cooperation.

LOGO KREIS_edited.png


Earth Positive offers vegan, organic, fair and eco-fashion produced exclusively using renewable energies to protect the climate. Earth Positive aims to raise awareness of environmental issues, take action on climate change and demonstrate the highest possible environmental and social standards in the midst of one of the most polluting industries and provide a medium for the promotional apparel industry to actively raise awareness of the issue of climate change.



Do you like the offer? Send us a non-binding and free email

to with the following information...

  • Your request should include your first and last name and the name of your project/band.

  • All you have to do is send us your existing or new graphic for your desired merch. (only .psd or .png files)

  • You should send us the design in the right size or tell us the dimensions in centimeters. (width x height)

We will clarify all further details and questions with you via e-mail.

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