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Rehearsal Room Session #6 | Combat Beach (Live) presented by Nailhead Magazine

Combat Beach is Moritz Irion's power-pop project. He is originally known from playing bass in several hardcore, punk and emo bands like Dregs or Better Run before he started this project. He committed himself to songwriting, playing guitar and singing for this project.

With lyrics that are dedicated to complications and antics of the everyday life Combat Beach transfers his feelings into songs that want you to express your feelings, positive and negative. Catchy guitars, harmonic keyboard, recognizable lyrics and good vibes won't disappoint you when you listen to Combat Beach!

We are lucky we got Combat Beach and his band on video for our sixth rehearsal room session.

Recorded live and one take at Combat Beachs Rehearsal Room in Vienna, Austria.

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Presented by Nailhead Magazine

This Video is recorded on a Panasonic Mini DV Camcorder.

Thanks for watching!


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