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Rehearsal Room Session #7 | BAD WEED (LIVE) presented by Nailhead Magazine

Bad Weed is probably the most underrated band in the Austrian music scene. Excellent songwriting combined with fast, fuzzy guitars won't let you breath through their songs. High energy and power is what makes them so special. They are not your typical Garage Punk or Power Pop band, they are more like your best friends or neighbours who always built the nicest sandcastles or were the weird kids in your class that actually were the coolest ever.

International potential is seen in them by many, on point songwriting, lyrics that really stick to your mind, vocals and guitars that just fit perfectly with the drums and sound they try to achieve.

They are three funny and nice guys that make music like it´s the one thing they are destined to do.

Bad Weed is probably one of the best bands we´ve ever heard here.

We are lucky we got Bad Weed on video for our seventh rehearsal room session.

Recorded live and one take at Bad Weeds Rehearsal Room in Vienna, Austria.

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Presented by Nailhead Magazine

This video is recorded on a Panasonic Mini DV Camcorder and on a JVC Camcorder.

Thanks for watching!

Camera work: Constantin Jacobs & Theresa S.

Cut & Production: Constantin Jacobs


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