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Text & Photo: Constantin Jacobs

Salamirecorder offers versatile garage punk at its finest. Following the motto "Do It Yourself", the 19-year-old artist from St. Pölten has been making a name for himself in the Austrian music scene since he was 15 years old.

If you're a fan of honest sound and real garage punk with true-to-the-original musical equipment from the 60s/70s, you're sure to find that his music makes your head start moving to the beat.

Nailhead Magazine: Who or what inspired you to start making music?

Salamirecorder: Music has actually captivated and interested me since I was a child. But I also come from a fairly rock'n'roll interested family. I think there are just a lot of factors involved that ultimately steered me in this direction.

Nailhead Magazine: Which local or internationally known musicians inspire you?

Salamirecorder: Actually quite a lot. I actually find almost everything from jazz to noise quite exciting, but sound-wise I find early Oh Sees and early Ty Segall quite inspiring, but I also have a lot of rock'n'roll and 60s garage influences.

Nailhead Magazine: Your previous releases are very versatile in style, how would you describe your music yourself?

Salamirecorder: I think it's best summarized under garage anyway, but in the end I don't think it's about that. It would be dumb for me to always do the same thing, precisely because I like a lot of different music genres.

Nailhead Magazine: Describe your creative process when writing new music.

Salamirecorder: Phew, that's always quite different. Sometimes I start with the drums without an idea and then simply record something over it with bass and guitar until it becomes a finished song or I have ideas on the other instruments. But I usually write while I'm recording. It makes the process easier because I record almost everything by myself.

Nailhead Magazine: Your well-known "do it yourself attitude" is reflected in your sound. How do you record your music?

Salamirecorder: Up until now actually most things with 4-track cassette recorders. I think it's cool to have everything in my own hands. And I find it much easier with the analogue stuff. I recently bought an 8-track tape machine and would like to continue to improve my recording skills.

Nailhead Magazine: So you've always recorded your music on your own, could you imagine recording a full album or EP entirely in a studio?

Salamirecorder: I would not be averse to it. Unfortunately, studios aren't cheap either, which is one of the reasons why I do it myself (laughs).

Nailhead Magazine: Up to now you could mostly buy cassettes of your music, will you soon be able to buy vinyl or other sound carriers?

Salamirecorder: It would be cool but I don’t have any plans for any of the songs I’m in the process of writing right now to be on vinyl.

Nailhead Magazine: What do you think is the best song you've ever released and why?

Salamirecorder: Hmm good question. I think "I woke up in your room" is really cool, I recorded it one take with a normal stereo reel to reel and I think the sound is really cool. Goes great with the song, I don't think I'd be able to do it again (laughs).

Nailhead Magazine: Can we expect new music from you soon?

Salami recorder: Yes! As I said, I'm recording new material right now, so I guess there should be something before summer!

Nailhead Magazine: You've been successful in the music scene for a while now, why aren't you on a label yet?

Salamirecorder: That's a good question, it hasn't really come up until now, and I myself haven’t really made any effort in that direction.

Nailhead Magazine: On July 17, 2020, during the Corona quarantine at the time, you launched the sampler "Sabulturo1920", which was released on 12" vinyl. Tell us a bit about the development up to the release of the project.

Salamirecorder: I thought it would be a really cool idea. Suddenly, many musicians had time to write more music. And I wanted to put this music together as a compilation, so I asked the musicians I knew.

The fact that it came out as a 12" is thanks to Dominik from Hasn Music, who took care of all the bureaucratic stuff (funding, etc.).

Nailhead Magazine: In a radio report you once mentioned that you were planning a new sampler project with artists like VoodooJürgens and Modecenter, which musicians/bands are still involved and when can we expect the release?

Salamirecorder: Altogether there are 10 artists and one song from each. I already wanted to make tapes of it in 2021 but since I'm completely on my own this time and unfortunately I'm an "owezahra" (lazy person), it was delayed again. So to all artists involved: I'm really sorry and I hope I can fix it as soon as possible! <3

Nailhead Magazine: In 2020 you also received the St. Pölten youth development award "Youngster of Arts". Did receiving this award result in any advantages or new contacts for your advancement as a musician?

Salamirecorder: I bought an amplifier with the prize money, that was a big advantage (laughs). It's great that you're valued when you're creatively active in St. Pölten.

Nailhead Magazine: Do you have any plans for artistic collaborations with other musicians or bands?

Salamirecorder: I was with the boys from Johnny & the Rotten in December 2021 and we will soon be releasing an EP as "Rotten Salami".

Things like that are always cool, but mostly they happen spontaneously.

Nailhead Magazine: What are your plans for the coming months?

Salamirecorder: First to finish my mandatory civil service, release a new album and then maybe do a small tour. If Corona allows.

Nailhead Magazine: Thanks for the interview Felix!

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