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Have EUROTEURO created another catchy tune with their new single "Teuer" that we can't get out of our heads for years? “900 Euro warm. Viel zu teuer!” The message certainly fits the current times. With this song, Euroteuro capture the madness that surrounds us and try to channel it.

"Teuer! Alles viel zu teuer!“ is meanwhile the motto of many Austrians, at least mine is unfortunately, who can you blame… but to our delight there is now an anthem that plays over and over again in our heads when we ask ourselves if we should turn the radiator up a notch or rather put on a sweater and thick socks.

The pop collective around mastermind Peter T. has already proven that they are not a one-hit wonder, because the ongoing hype, appearances on Austrian ORF television, a headline slot at the Vienna Popfest, an invitation to the Fusion Festival near Berlin and some cameo appearances in Austrian films and series clearly prove the opposite.

In my opinion, EUROTEURO have once again managed to create a catchy tune with their new single "TEUER" and burn it into my head. I remember the last catchy tune I got from them about the song “AUTOGRILL”. "Wir fahren nach Italien und alles was ich will ist Autogrill" is a bit too expensive for me at the moment, so "Teuer! Alles viel zu teuer!” is just right by now.

Just the right thing for all fans of German-language music with a slight Italopop vibe! The whole thing was released again via Siluh Records.

Before I forget! We also have a few products from Siluh Records in our shop, including one or the other record from EUROTEURO! If you want to support EUROTEURO, check out the Artist Store on our homepage.

The Artist Stores are there to support the bands and not our profit!

Until next time

yours Constantin!


Euroteuro is now also touring through the German-speaking region in a solo line-up with musician Voodoo Jürgens.


2023-02-08 - Erlangen, E-Werk

2023-02-09 - Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg

2023-02-10 - Leipzig, Conne Island

2023-02-11 - Hamburg, Knust

2023-02-12 - Rostock, Peter-Weiss-Haus

2023-02-14 - Lüneburg, Salon Hansen

2023-02-15 - Bremen, Lagerhaus

2023-02-16 - Dortmund, FZW

2023-02-17 - Düsseldorf, Zakk

2023-02-18 - Kassel, Schlachthof

2023-02-20 - Hannover, Lux

2023-02-21 - Wiesbaden, Schlachthof

2023-02-22 - Köln, Gebäude 9

2023-02-23 - Freiburg, E-Werk

2023-02-24 - Reutlingen, Franz.K

2023-02-25 - München, Backstage Werk


"TEUER" was released on February 3rd, 2023 via SILUH RECORDS.



Nailhead Magazine

Photos: Graphic by Constantin Jacbs -> Original by ELISABETH HESCHEL


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