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An exciting new talent is presenting itself to the music scene - .bozo from Vienna. With his first EP, which contains seven songs and a playing time of 23 minutes, he has created a really good piece. The EP was released on October 25th, 2023, contains both German and English songs and will be released on the independent label “New Basement” from Munich. In addition, two impressive music videos accompany the release.

His music is characterized by mechanical electronic drums, ethereal synthesizers, catchy guitar riffs, melancholic melodies and profound lyrics. With his distinctive style, light “internet aesthetic” as he describes it himself and his extraordinary voice, he captivates listeners.

The EP, titled “a story about,” promises to be an eclectic collection of songs. From energetic tracks to ballad-like songs, .bozo offers a wide range of emotions. The combination of German and English texts allows him to present different facets of his artistic expression.

In addition to the EP, .bozo also released two impressive music videos. These visual additions provide insight into the artist's creative vision and enhance the emotional impact of their music. The videos capture the mood of the songs perfectly.

.bozo is undoubtedly an up-and-coming musician who is enriching the music scene with his unique sound. He's already off to a strong start with his first EP and the accompanying music videos and we're excited about his future releases, hope to see him and his songs live on stage and can't wait to hear more from bozo.

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Nailhead Magazine

Author: Constantin Jacobs

Photo: Collage by Constantin Jacobs -> Original .bozo| Other photos by .bozo


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