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Who we are

Constantin Jacobs

Founder | Rehearsal room sessions, quickies, interviews, recommendations, news, social media, graphic design, illustrations, textile printing, etc.

I founded Nailhead Magazine in October 2021 with the idea of ​​creating a small, big world for the underground music scene, but also to let my own creativity and passion for music run free. With my "Do It Yourself" attitude, I want to show that certain activities and things can also be done on your own if you put enough effort into it. ​


Favorite genres: 90s noise rock, shoegaze, doom, hardcore punk, indie, pop and everything else that pleases my ears.

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Theresa Strohmer

Support & Camera work | 2. Camera

Hello, I'm Resi! In addition to my work with children, I make music, play guitar in "Laundromat Chicks" and I´m happy to be the second camera at Nailhead Magazine and to be able to pursue one of my passions, video and photography. ​


Favorite genres: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Britpop

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Manuel Krassnig

Author | Reviews

I moved to Vienna in 2018 and was immediately amazed by the variety of bands and the many different genres that are so strongly represented in this city. After a short time I was already playing with Empty Wallet And The Dead Wallstreeters (garage punk) and Far From Autumn (grunge/punk) in the venues of Vienna. As a booker at NoBack Booking, I was able to learn so many new things, get to know incredibly committed people and take a look behind the scenes. In 2021 I founded "Scene Surfers" with a friend, an online blog where we talk to bands and deal with all possible facets of the local music scene. Now I'm really looking forward to writing reviews for Nailhead Magazine, so you know what's top and what's flop.


Favorite genres: Garage, Punk, Doom/Stoner Metal, Blues...

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I met Constantin while skating and at the same time became part of a great group of friends full of creative minds, which I now count among my best friends.

When I was told about the idea of an independent magazine, I was immediately enthusiastic and above all I thought it was great to see someone create something new with their own courage and will and put their heart and soul into it from the start. So I'm all the more proud to be able to spontaneously make my contribution by taking my camera with me to the concerts and events and doing what I like to do anyway: taking pictures!

Dancing and shooting at the same time is my motto at the Nailhead Fest!

See you there! <3

Favorite genres:

Garage Punk, Surf, Blues, Soul, New Wave... often a retro sound is enough and I'm happy!

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