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Arklight have been making music for 15 years, which is the linchpin of their friendship. After gaining experience and changing the constellation, the five-piece band seems to have finally found their line-up, in which all members are working towards the same goal.

With their music, they want to give us listeners a feeling of togetherness and belonging, in difficult times as well as in good times - in times that we all know, feelings that we all experience and thoughts that we all float through.

With a harmonious cast, Arklight are now releasing a new single called "Feel", which best reflects their current sound. A few connoisseurs among you will certainly hear some of their influences and be happy about which bands have contributed to Arklight's current sound.

There is also a self-made video for the new song "Feel". The visual footage makes us eagerly await further releases from Arklight.

"Feel" was released on 09/30/2022. The next live date of Arklight is on: 10/15/2022 in the Szene Wien.



Nailhead Magazine

Photos: 1. Photo: Paul Kuncio | 2. Photo: Marie Schrentewein | 3. Photo: Patrick Spychala


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