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Fans of the punk rock and surf rock scene can look forward to an extraordinary and very special spectacle, because on the 13th of June, the bands The Chats and Guantanamo Baywatch will play for the first time in Austria and will perform together at the Szene Wien. This highly anticipated concert, presented by Mind Over Matter Music, promises an evening full of rousing music, energetic performances and pulsating atmosphere.

Let's start with The Chats, an upcoming punk rock band from Australia who have caused a sensation in recent years. The band, consisting of Josh Hardy (vocals and guitar), Eamon Sandwith (bass) and Matt Boggis (drums), has made a name for itself with their unmistakable raw sound and their humorous, honest lyrics. Songs like "Smoko" and "Pub Feed" have become real anthems and have made The Chats known worldwide. Their debut album "High Risk Behaviour" received a lot of praise and established itself as one of the most exciting and refreshing bands in the current punk rock scene. Their live performances are notorious for their explosive energy and the irrepressible enthusiasm they ignite in the crowd. With their characteristic mix of punk, garage-rock and pub-rock, The Chats will undoubtedly thrill and fuel the audience.

Supporting them is Guantanamo Baywatch, a surf rock band from Portland, Oregon. This three-member formation, consisting of Jason Powell (vocals and guitar), Chevelle Wiseman (bass) and Chris Michael (drums), has attracted the attention of the music world with its unique style. With their fast pace, danceable rhythms and catchy guitar riffs, they take the listeners on a musical journey into the sun-drenched world of surfing and Californian beach culture. Songs like "Barbacoa" and "Love This Time" have earned them a loyal fan base and strengthened their reputation as a new generation of surf rock band. Their live shows are known for their rousing stage presence and transport the audience into a state of exuberant euphoria.

Guantanamo Baywatch will undoubtedly unleash a wave of positive energy that will animate the audience to dance and sing along. When these two bands meet, a musical explosion is destined to occur. Presented by Mind Over Matter Music, prepare for a unique combination of punk rock, surf rock and energetic performance. Spectators can look forward to an evening full of wild dance performances, ecstatic atmosphere and unforgettable moments. It's better to secure your tickets quickly before it's too late. And for all those of you who can't attend, don't worry, because we will write a detailed concert report for you. In any case, we can hardly wait.




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Photos: Promotionpics for The Chats & Guantanamo Baywatch Europe Tour


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