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INFO & Costs

  • One-time listing fee of only €50.​

  • The online merch deal is valid for sale in our web shop.

  • Applies to white or black Gildan Heavy Cotton t-shirts.

  • As many shirts with different designs as you want! (Each new design €50)

*You will have the listing fee back in after only a few T-Shirts have been sold!

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  • No risk or effort because we take over the production, shipping and sale of the shirts.

  • After only a few t-shirts have been sold, you will have the €50 back.

  • Make a profit with every shirt sold without any effort.

  • No further costs and effort for production, sale and shipping.

  • Any shirt design in A4 possible.

  • No restrictions in terms of design and color.​

  • You get a large percentage of each shirt sold.

  • Own artist store in our online shop with your products.

  • No risk on your part.

  • Online merchandise can be purchased by you at any time in small to medium quantities of 6-25 shirts at a reasonable price for personal use.

  • 24/7 email support.

  • Our magazine is there to support the music scene and not for our profit, so we guarantee you honesty, reliability, timely accurate payment, good quality and a pleasant professional cooperation.

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Gildan t-shirts are probably the classic band merchandise. Everyone knows them and everyone likes them. Gildan shirts have been very popular for a long time thanks to their great cut, robust 100% cotton fabric and durability/wash resistance.


Do you like the offer? Send us a non-binding and free email

to with the following information...

  • Your request should include your first and last name and the name of your project/band.

  • All you have to do is send us your existing or new graphic for your desired merch. (only .psd or .png files)

  • You should send us the design in the right size or tell us the dimensions in centimeters. (width x height)

We will clarify all further details and questions with you via e-mail.

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