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Photo: Moon Woman

Interviewer: Constantin Jacobs

Moon Woman is a four-piece formation from Innsbruck that shines with an atmospheric fusion of blues, psychedelic and stoner rock. Despite massive riffs and extremely heavy drums, the overall sound always remains groovy, flexible, airy and light-footed. Influences like The Doors, Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac and more contemporary artists like All Them Witches flow into the sound.

After the first concerts with the jam trio Electric Octopus and the German space rockers Kosmodrom in 2019/2020, the band is ready to present their debut album live.

Nailhead Magazine: For those who don't know you yet, please introduce yourself.

Moon Woman: Hi! We are Moon Woman, consisting of:

Daniel on bass and vocals, Flo on electric guitar, Nussi aka. “Renegade” on drums and Markus on keys.

Nailhead Magazine: How did you meet?

Renegade: Flo and I have known each other for a long time and initially made music together.

We met Daniel at a birthday party...

Daniel: Yes, Flo and I exchanged numbers but he didn't answer (laughs).

Renegade: Later I bumped into Daniel again and PERSONALLY invited him to the rehearsal room, jammed a bit and we just clicked. Our rehearsal room is right next to a skate park - that's where we met Markus, who has been with us on the keyboard ever since.

Nailhead Magazine: Have you been making music together for a long time?

Flo: As "Moon Woman" since February 2020

Renegade: That's right - we were a threesome for a year and after the release of ”Open Gates” Markus was the first to join.

Nailhead Magazine: Do you spend a lot of time together outside of the band?

Daniel: Markus and I go skateboarding a lot but it would be nice in general if we all did more together.

Flo: Yes... look. It's still a project for the future.

Markus: Because Flo is the head of the bar - we drink together at his place.

Flo: Yes, everyone boozes at my place.

Nailhead Magazine: Do you have common interests besides music?

Flo: Boozing! And in winter: skiing.

Nailhead Magazine: How has the style of your music evolved since the beginning of the band or was it always clear which genre you wanted to play?

Renegade: Our music is actually a constant evolution as are our influences. A river made up of the confluence of many streams that keeps swelling, so to speak.

We've never actually played a "genre" or strived to sound like one.

Flo: We play string music with percussion. Plus now: ?Tasten?.

But basically: Rock / Heavy Rock / Blues Rock... Whatever you want to call it...

Nailhead Magazine: What is your songwriting process like?

Markus: We record a lot while jamming and when there are passages that we like, we try to build on those passages and make a song out of them. Or it will be a new 15-minute jam number - that can also happen.

(Like our EP "Gardener's Delight" for example.)

Nailhead Magazine: You've already played some cool shows, for example at the Vans "Oasen" premiere or at the Alles Gute Festival in Innsbruck, how do you get your gigs?

Flo: Friends economy! No, but actually a lot of people became aware of us mainly because of our album release. Taking the Vans premiere as an example, Benny Urban (Vans team rider and producer of the video) contacted us because he liked our album.

Markus: Since all four of us come from different federal states in Austria, of course, it also helps to use those connections.

Renegade: Of course there is a lot of self-commitment and work behind it too.

Nailhead Magazine: What goes through your mind when you perform in front of a large audience?

Flo: Oida. Cool. I'm sooo cool right now. Loud amps, oida! Loud! Loud! Loud!

Markus: I’m only there because of the free beer.

Flo: My biggest concern is whether there will be enough beer in the backstage area after the concert. So far I've always been disappointed. I often had to buy beer myself...

Renegade: We're always tense before the performance and of course a bit nervous, but during the performance itself I don't really think about anything - it's just a flow.

Daniel: I always go into a kind of trance-like state. If I don't get ripped out of it, the show feels really good - even in hindsight.

Nailhead Magazine: So far you've been very successful as a band, why aren't you on a label?

Renegade: Success is relative - we would like to play a lot more live.

Flo: It's also difficult with the labels - because of that. You get to know most people simply by playing live, but despite the current situation we were fortunate to be able to make a few contacts.

We have always done almost everything ourselves so far and are sticking to the DIY approach all the more during this time, because otherwise you just get left behind.

Nailhead Magazine: Your debut album "Open Gates" was released in December 2020,

how did the development of the album look like from the beginning to the final release?

Daniel: Basically we jammed a lot, where some ideas crystallized and we added lyrics to finish the songs.

Then we decided to lock ourselves in the rehearsal room for two weeks to record the album. Renegade also took care of the recording.

As soon as we started, we completely threw most of the ideas overboard. Except for 2-3 songs, the rest were created during the recording. Even texts and entire songs were created fairly quickly. It was a very intense time but all we wanted at that point was a snapshot of our sound.

Since we are mainly a jam band - an album with a jam character was important.

Renegade: In December 2020 we had our digital release and our vinyl release came in April 2021. At this point a big thank you to Christoph Huber who supported us with the recording, A-Ton Studios Innsbruck for the mixing and GKG mastering in Bavaria! Awesome job folks!

Nailhead Magazine: You also shot a music video for the song “Dance of the Komorebi”, how did the idea come about and why did you choose that song?

Renegade: The title and the song itself just fit perfectly with the forest scenery in our area. The idea was to tell the story of a person torn in two (the magician and the fugitive). - (Daniel: And you chose me as the main actor?!)

Nailhead Magazine: Which songs from the album are your personal favorites?

Daniel: Open Gates - Every time I listen to it, I fall into a trance state from the song, which gets even deeper from the middle part onwards. I just love performing the song, mostly because it's the song I have the least to do. (grins)

Markus: Dance of the Komorebi - simply because I enjoy it the most live.

Flo: Dance of the Komorebi and Western Territories - fuck, the guitar is so awesome!

I also think Meeting at Old Valley Station is nice - I think a bit of gypsy sound is awesome,

is also important to me on the album.

Renegade: Tiger and his Warrior because of the groove, I really like it and it's just fun to play.

Nailhead Magazine: How do you cover the costs for recording, sound carriers, merchandise etc.?


Renegade: Work.

Markus: Work.

Flo: Work. Don't quit your day job. We are all working heroes!

Nailhead Magazine: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a band right now in these times?

Flo: Do ​​it! Just do, do, do!

Daniel: Passion is the most important thing and you shouldn't shy away from

putting work in. Work on yourself too.

Heart, soul and - fuck - some discipline. You have to allow yourself to take the time to, for example, master a (new) instrument in such a way that it is fun and you are satisfied. Empathy is especially important in a band. It's better to put your ego aside, otherwise you won't function in the long run.

Flo: …and working!

Nailhead Magazine: What are your goals as a band and what would you like to achieve?

Renegade: Is this a job interview?

Daniel: Well I couldn't think of anything better than playing a tour abroad, no matter where.

Renegade: I would like to be on the road with a band for a month straight once in my life. Preferably through Europe. That would be my dream, just to have done it. What happens then - we will see.

Markus & Flo: Same.

Nailhead Magazine: Assuming the current corona situation stabilizes, are there any new shows booked already or can we expect a tour from you soon?

Flo: Difficult. At the moment all locations are simply overflowing with their programmes.

Canceled concerts of the last 2 years will be made up for.

Especially without a label you have to stay on the ball in order not to disappear off the radar.

Daniel: At the moment we have to be very flexible and of course we are happy about every inquiry.

Renegade: But basically: You can definitely expect a tour because - as mentioned - it is a goal that we would very much like to achieve.

Last but not least:

Thank you, Nailhead Magazine!


Thank you Consti! Scurf forever! It was nice!

You can follow and support us here.

Thanks very much!

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