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Rehearsal Room Session #9 | Nature Swim (Live) presented by Nailhead Magazine

Nature Swim is a calm and soft reminder that life can be chill even though you are in the most packed subway on the way to your new job. Dreamy guitar riffs drenched in the airiest reverb, fusioned with these slow but perfectly matching basslines take your brain to another dimension and sending shivers down your spine. In a frickin` good way of course!!

Gabriel and Maeggies vocals are chill af, I can´t think of someone who wouldn't like this, even the hairiest and grumpiest metal guy out there must feel some emotions hearing their voices!

We are lucky we got Nature Swim on video for our ninth rehearsal room session!

Recorded live and one take at Nature Swims Rehearsal Room in Vienna, Austria.

Thanks for watching!



Presented by Nailhead Magazine

This Video is recorded on a Panasonic Mini DV Camcorder and on a JVC Memory Camcorder.

Camera work: Constantin Jacobs & Maximilian Jacobs

Cut & Production: Constantin Jacobs


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