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Today we once again have a very fine album from a special band that we really want to recommend to you. This band is called Bad Weed, who released their fantastic new album entitled "II" on 3.3.2023. I can probably assume that Bad Weed is already well known to many of our readers, but for those of you who haven't heard of the charming trio from Vienna, they should make up for it right now.

In 2012, the three friends founded the band and two years later released the first demo with five crisp power pop songs. Shortly afterwards, the Hillside EP followed via Bachelor Records. After some time passed, Bad Weed made the hearts of power pop and garage fans beat faster again with a new release in 2019, their first album via Siluh Records. With this album, the band seamlessly builds on the previous releases and continues to inspire with a cheeky and memorable sound that settles with catchy earworms in the minds of the listeners. Now some water had to flow down the stream again before the band released their second album to the public in March 2023. And that's exactly what this post is about today.

"II" was released again via the Viennese independent label Siluh Records, which represents many other great bands in addition to Bad Weed, and even provides you with an in-house record store with the hottest records of the domestic, but also international scene. You should definitely stop by there and buy the new Bad Weed LP right away. But now let's listen to it.

The band remains true to itself and its sound, which in my opinion is a mixture of early 2000s indie punk and snotty power pop, with a lot of garage in the finish. What makes me particularly happy is that the new album, like the previous releases, is characterized by such haunting and melodic guitar sounds that sound almost a little childlike. But this also gives a strong feeling of lightheartedness and pulls the corners of the mouth upwards when listening. What I also find very cool is that a piece of the past has also been accommodated here, because track number ten with the title "Monster", can already be heard at the demos of 2014 on Bandcamp. Track number seven is also a beautiful cover of "No Place To Fall" by Townes van Zandt - absolute hammer!

It is remarkable what Bad Weed have gained in recognition value with their sound. Because even though they have not reinvented the music, and follow a concept that has existed many times, they still create their very own unmistakable sound. Even the vocals, which sometimes seem a little clumsy but always sit tight, underlie the childlike playing style of the three boys, with multiple-vocal lines coming in at the right moments, that come across great and sounds so relaxed. It's a real treat to hear Bad Weed on "II", making music so relaxed and joyful. Personally, I also like the superfluous elongated solos and tempo changes (or breaks) that are dispensed here and there, and the straight short and crisp songs that shoot around the ears. Here. No one is in the way, no one has to show how well you master your instrument, and it doesn't always have to be perfect. This album is simply authentic and honest. Drums and bass know exactly what they are doing and lay a solid foundation for songs that immediately drive into your feet and encourage you to dance exuberantly. Even if most songs with their dingy and cheeky character trigger a strong feeling of happiness, sometimes slightly melancholic lyrics cheat. Thus, there are many ups and downs on "II". A few songs make me think, I have to admit. But fortunately, Bad Weed always have the ability to keep the listeners happy on this lively album.

After a good twenty-seven minutes, the fun is over again, the thirteen songs, none of which are longer than three minutes, go by. Of course, it is true that time passes faster when you have fun. That's exactly what I felt when listening to "II." It's just fun to listen to Bad Weed. This band, as well as this album, inspired me to make easy music and have fun with this relaxation. You can also hear and see this at their live shows, which I can highly recommend to you. It is a great pleasure to see the band live every time, because there is also a wave of feelings. So watch it, get the record from the Siluh Record Store or listen to it on Spotify. I'm really looking forward to the next album and hope I don't have to wait too long until then. Without much debate, I give "II" from Bad Weed five out of five nails.

See you next time,




Nailhead Magazine

Photo: Collage by Constantin Jacobs - Original by Martina Lajczak| Photos by Martina Lajczak


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