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On 11.11.2022, just in time for the beginning of the foolish Austrian carnival season, Atom Womb released their first album called "Visions". The date is actually very appropriate, considering that the four Psych-Punks from Vienna regularly like to dress up in the craziest costumes at their shows. With make-up as a race driver or in the traditional Japanese kimono with Kabuki Theater, or simply with orange overalls in garbage men's style. However, I do not believe that Atom Womb simply wanted to ring in the time of the foolswith "Visions", but also discreetly point out that for the four, the exuberant and carefree time of escalation and excess is a permanent state.

In any case, I get this impression right at the beginning when listening to the album. Because track number one, with the name "Psycho", starts very exuberantly with a slight touch of escalation - a really nice intro to this successful album. Track number two is speeded out again, but then "Lethal Woman" comes with a very relaxed groove, and invites you to lean back and nod your head with the beat. This striking difference between the first two songs gives a bit of an idea of what a wide range of influences Atom Womb managed to accommodate in "Visions". You can also hear this at "Camino Del Sol", which is just as relaxed but also somehow hypnotic. It sounds to me as if the interaction of the instruments with this band is so balanced, and the four musicians are so well attuned to each other, which makes it a real pleasure to listen to this album. Every instrument finds its place here without being in the foreground. Whether it's the bass that stomps gently and yet captivatingly with melodic and hypnotic repeating lines, or the guitar that escalates from discreet accompaniment to a massive sound club within a very short time. And of course there are the drums that keep the sound versatile, sometimes almost sounding like an improvised jam session, in the frame and with perfectly timed beats and a lot of feeling, with the guitar and bass like two wild animals.

For example, in track number four "Perversion", it seems as if the drums are constantly trying to keep the other instruments in check. This builds up an insanely high tension until it is released towards the end, and after a really bad break, the song then ends with fireworks. "Teenage Hope", which is already a striking number with the beautiful crashing bass, and (if i heard properly) the half-present Spanish vocals. Then with "Inside Dreams" comes my personal favorite from "Visions". This song somehow has a movie soundtrack feeling, I think. I could really imagine "Inside Dreams" in a scene of a Quentin Tarantino Western. Again insanely emotional, and yet so dusty and fuzzy towards the end. With "Lullaby For A Lost Soul", it gets really psychedelic again. Here even a violin is used, and together with the pleasantly quiet guitar sounds, a gear is shifted back here, and then switched again into Hypnotic-Psych mode from the fuzzy trip. And finally, Atom Womb then say goodbye to the listeners with the track "FIN".

"Visions". Of course, you can listen to it as usual on all streaming platforms, but I would recommend that you get one of the 12 inch crystallo vinyls limited to a hundred pieces. For "Visions" and the versatile and artistic sound, they get four out of five nails from me.

See you next time,




Nailhead Magazine

Photo: Collage by Constantin Jacobs - Original by @herrbrot666 | Other photos by Luca Celine


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