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On November 8th the band Culk played in the Biero-Saal in the Wiener Konzerthaus and we accepted the nice invitation of Siluh Records to visit the concert.

It all started with the weather, because it was a cold evening and the fog hung low over the city, somehow fitting for a warming Culk concert. Arriving in front of the Konzerthaus, we first had to find our way around because we were in the magnificent halls of the Wiener Konzerthaus for the first time. We felt a bit out of place, because there was also an event in the Mozart Hall causing us to aimlessly wander between some rather elderly and spruced up concert hall visitors while we tried to find out where the Culk concert was taking place. But thanks to the extremely nice ushers in woodruff green suits, we found our way to the Biero hall. On the way to the box office, where we still had to pick up our tickets, we also met the lucky winner of our raffle for the two free tickets that Siluh Records had kindly provided.

After we left our jackets at the cloakroom and were quite overwhelmed by the pompous architecture and furnishings, we met dear Bernhard from Siluh Records, who had held position at the merch table. At the merch stand, the “night poster” caught my eye, which was designed by the singer of the band, Sophia. I can only recommend that you check out Culk's merch when you get a chance. After we chatted briefly with Bernhard, we went to the still completely empty Biero hall to take a closer look at it and lo and behold, we found a huge, eternally long and wide stage in a large hall surrounded by wooden walls and two large white arches in which segments of the lighting technology were hidden. An interesting location, modern and yet somehow classic, I was impressed.

Before the concert started, I went to get something to drink, but unfortunately on the way back I couldn't get in because no drinks were allowed in the hall, which was somehow unusual for me to watch a live show without a drink in my hand, but well, it was also the Wiener Konzerthaus and not a belt arch pub. So I quickly downed my beer and practically ran down to the hall so I wouldn't miss the beginning.

And then the signal rang, the hall began to fill up, the doors were closed and the lights were dimmed. After a short wait, singer Sophia steps up to the synthesizer, adjusts the microphone and before the audience can even react with applause, she begins with the first song. Shortly thereafter, the band arrived and prepared for their performance, which then happened like fireworks. I honestly have to admit that Culk was still unknown to me, which is why I can't say exactly which songs were played that evening. What I can tell you though is that live, Culk is an extremely captivating band, largely due to the poetic and personal lyrics performed by singer Sophia as if she were in direct dialogue with the audience. Often, when not tied to her instrument, she will come to the edge of the stage and lean forward, making eye contact. In this way she created an intimate atmosphere and also a kind of connection to the viewers.

As I swept my gaze around the audience a few times, I saw pure joy on people's faces. Which wasn't a surprise, because the songs, which were a mixture of indie pop and shoegaze by such gifted musicians on the instruments combined with such emotional and personal lyrics, performed with such a pleasant yet powerful voice, also fascinated me, even though I had little connection to this band before.

I also had to process all these impressions first because I had never been able to experience such a concert in such a location before. Even a brand new song fresh from the rehearsal room was presented to the public that evening. I have to admit that Culk fit very well into the Wiener Konzerthaus, during the performance the hall was mainly decorated in dark red, which gave the whole thing a special touch. Unfortunately, it was a little too dark for our camera, but we were able to cleverly solve this with cell phone photos. But after a good hour, the magic was already over, and suddenly, while the song was still going on, it was said, thank you, good night and get home safe.

The band left the stage to great applause from the satisfied spectators, but they came back quite quickly because the audience naturally demanded an encore. So there were two more farewell songs on top. All in all it was a nice evening with Culk in the Wiener

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Photo: Collage by Constantin Jacobs - Original by Sophie Löw| iPhone Photos & Video by Constantin Jacobs


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