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Let's go back to the year 2020, even if most of us have long since suppressed this time or no longer know whether this year really existed at all, some extremely interesting projects were created at this time. So does Tooth Paint, who recorded the Digital Sex EP back in November 2020. Back then as a digital release and as a limited 10” Lathe Cut record of just thirty copies. Now, two years after the debut, the Digital Sex EP is available again as a high quality cassette thanks to It's Eleven Records and can also be bought exclusively in the Nailhead online store along with a few other items.

Some of you may already know Henry Arthur Hamann, as the bassist in the dark/post-punk band L'APPEL DU VIDE, he blasts the listeners with scratchy and pounding basslines. With Tooth Paint and the Digital Sex EP, things get even wilder. What we're hearing here is a really dirty DIY synth/ electro punk sound. When I listen to the songs like this, I can really imagine Henry sitting in total isolation in lockdown in front of his computer writing and recording the five songs in a very short time. The EP is characterized by this wonderful DIY character, where you can really feel the excess energy that seems to have been building up.

The first song with the beautiful title Dumb Enough To Think goes straight to the ear. Without even noticing it, I was already nodding my head and my feet were already jumping uncontrollably to the beat. And that's how it goes on, five songs that make it hard to sit still. Fifteen minutes of total escalation and in between really stressful to listen to, which I think is pretty awesome. It almost seems as if Tooth Paint recorded the EP for personal aggression management, because musically as well as lyrically it is a real massacre in which he lets his frustration out unfiltered.

I'm certainly delighted with this powerful EP produced with such minimal resources and I hope that wasn't all we got to hear from Tooth Paint.

I give four out of five nails for digital sex!

See you next time!





Nailhead Magazine

Photo: Analog Collage by Constantin Jacobs - Original by Michael Allramseder | Last photo by Susann Gomez


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