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Most of you will most likely already know Velvet Wasted, because after their debut in 2020, the four-person band from Graz has left a lasting impression on the local scene as well as beyond the borders of Austria. Which isn't a big surprise when you listen to what Velvet Wasted are capable of.

I listened to the current EP Chasing Hearts for you and was absolutely not disappointed. I was very surprised at first, because I thought that this band was actually unknown to me, until I realized how often I had heard their songs on the radio. So it was all the nicer to rediscover Velvet Wasted, more or less. The EP is an absolutely successful continuation of their previous releases, because as usual we hear a very warm, smooth and soulful sound, which is a balanced mixture of soul, blues, rock and pop. The first track, Heart on a Rodeo, is a catchy tune that I couldn't get out of my head for two days. And to my delight it goes on like this, one killer track after the other.

We definitely hear a lot of emotions on the EP. Not everyone can do something with beautiful texts on topics such as lust or ecstasy, but also love and grief. Especially when they are performed with such a wonderfully powerful and distinctive voice. And even if one or the other track is a bit sad at first, the band always leaves a touch of hope in the room. Even though Velvet Wasted doesn't reinvent indie rock on Chasing Hearts, it has to be pointed out how well thought-out the sound is and how emotional and authentic the band is on this EP.

The EP was released by Mojo Mojo Records, where it is in very good company with bands like Contact High or Assaia. The whole thing was produced in the legendary Stress Studios in Graz. That's probably why the sound is of such high quality.

Alright, but now let's get to our overall Nailhead rating.

Velvet Wasted offer indie rock so radio-ready and clean, that's probably why they were a bit under my radar with me. However, after looking into the band more closely, I have to admit that I have seldom been so enthusiastic about a band of this genre.

Velvet Wasted definitely won me over as a fan with Chasing Hearts!

That's why I and the Nailhead editor-in-chief gave it an overall rating of 4 out of 5 nails.

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Nailhead Magazine

Translation: Constantin Jacobs

1. Photo: Original by Velvet Wasted | Collage by Constantin Jacobs 2. Photo: Velvet Wasted - Chasing Hearts EP


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