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Have you ever wondered if it makes sense how you spend your time on this planet? In their new single "Pass My Time" Curb ask themselves exactly this question!

What am I doing here? One or the other Nailhead Magazine reader is sure to ask the same question. Jokes aside, because that's actually a very essential question and thing for us humans, what we do with our time. At times, that question culminates in mental chaos and frustration, and it's that chaos and frustration that Curb takes on and packs into their energetic new song, "Pass My Time."

Right from the start, the guitar and the breakbeat make it clear what Curb is all about. Pure message and energy that gather in the chorus through the gang shouts and become a big whole. The song is reminiscent of bands like Baits, The Story So Far or Modern Baseball or rather somewhere between distorted grunge and melodic pop-punk.

Quite a popular mix of genres if you look at the previous successes of the three-piece band. They have already shared the stage with bands and musicians such as Pabst, Proper and Mavi Phoenix. Their songs have also been played on FM4 and other radio stations, maybe some of you even know them from the radio.

I also think it's cool with Curb that they share the role of the lead singer. Gabschi, Eunice and Lukas grab the microphone in different songs and create a varied experience for us as listeners.

In the appropriate music video, the fear of running out of time is illustrated again with hectic editing and many clocks. A must-see video!

Until next time

your Constantin!


"Pass my Time“" ist am 16.02.2023 via Echotunes erschienen.



Nailhead Magazine

Photos: Graphic Collage by Constantin Jacbs -> Original by Marie Schrentewein

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