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This video was filmed by Voodu Huber

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00:00 Salamirecorder

50:00 Bad Weed

1:39:00 Johnny and the Rotten


We entered the first round with the first event, Nailhead Fest #1!

Johnny And The Rotten, Bad Weed and Salamirecorder And The Hi-Fi Phonos, three breathtaking garage punk rock bands straight from the Austrian underground scene, really got things going on December 2nd, 2022 at the Kramladen in Vienna!

!!Johnny And The Rotten!!

A mix between Surf, Psychedelic and Garage Rock! You can hear Johnnys screams as he surfs the highest waves, skates the biggest, sickest ramps or drives to work trying out his new electric scooter...just kidding Johnny would never touch a scooter or even look at one. He would rather split a stone with his forehead. Freakin brutal, weird, sweaty, angry, chaotic Johnny & The Rotten music is waiting for you!

!!Bad Weed!!

Bad Weed is probably the most underrated band in the Austrian music scene. Excellent songwriting combined with fast, fuzzy guitars won't let you breath through their songs. High energy and power is what makes them so special. They are not your typical Garage Punk or Power Pop band, they are more like your best friends or neighbours who always built the nicest sandcastles or were the weird kids in your class that actually were the coolest ever. International potential is seen in them by many, on point songwriting, lyrics that really stick to your mind, vocals and guitars that just fit perfectly with the drums and sound they try to achieve. They are three funny and nice guys that make music like it´s the one thing they are destined to do.

!!Salamirecorder And The Hi-Fi Phonos!!

Salamirecorder is an austrian one man garage punk band. He is now and then playing full band shows with his band "the hi fi phonos". His unmistakable guitar sound is strongly reminiscent of the origins of punk rock and surf from the 1960s, his style with mullet and mini mustache reminds of famous soccer players from the 1980s.

Thanks to everyone who came by and supported the bands and the magazine!

Thanks to everyone who made a first sold out Nailhead Fest possible!

We do not own this video, we have the permission from the owner to use this video. This video was provided to us by Voodu_Huber!




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