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"Stranger's Life", released on May 5th, 2022, is the second album by Vienna-based Peter The Human Boy aka Peter Mathis.

As with his debut album "Goodbye Summer" (2019), the musician once again shows his skills. He wrote, played and produced all ten songs himself.

Right at the beginning of the album you imagine watching the stars on a summer night and letting the album guide you through your emotions. Almost an externally controlled self-discovery.

The ambivalence of feelings between melancholy and lightness of life seems to be an important element of this album, maybe also a kind of search for identity after the last two years of isolation and confusion.

The artist manages to combine his versatile musical skills in combination with his talent for structure and detail in this album.

Peter The Human Boy is almost a flagship of this scene in Vienna and can definitely keep up with international indie artists on an equal footing.

If you love indie pop, you can't ignore this album.

Nailhead approved!



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Photo: Album Cover from Peter The Human Boy - "Stranger´s Life"


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