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Today we take a closer look at a particularly interesting album. At least it's extremely interesting to me because it's one of those albums that showed me once again that there is also excellent music outside of my favorite genres.

As I said, Shoegaze and Indie are actually not my preferred genres, there are only a handful of artists who have made it into my personal playlist. But like I said, I've been taught better. What I particularly like about this album is the singing, which shapes the soulful songs incredibly beautifully. Songs like Tongues, where the guitar is put aside, or Something Terrible / Something Beautiful, where the vocals and message are definitely in the foreground, are incredibly captivating. Skin is an album that is so multifaceted and, above all, the feelings that are processed in the lyrics are perfectly matched to the melodies and arrangements of the instruments.

For example Call It Devine, my favorite song on Skin, describes the feeling of a new love and that feeling is accompanied by the instrumental part so aptly that you can almost feel what it's like to fall in love with someone, feeling the excitement and uncertainty. Whether with or without guitar, calm and thoughtful or danceable and euphoric, every song on Skin is something very special in my opinion. Sakura opens her heart to us on Skin and lets us into her thoughts about love, hope, heartbreak and the bitterness of life. That takes a lot of courage and I have a lot of respect and appreciation for it. I think we'll be hearing a lot more from Sakura in the future, because songs and a voice like that won't go undiscovered for long.

So, and last but not least, I only have my nails left. Because this album and the artist behind it impressed me with the nine songs on Skin and made the beautiful world of shoegaze and indie pop more palatable to me again, I give it five out of five nails.

See you soon!

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Photo: Original by Hannah Mould -> Collage by Constantin Jacobs


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