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After a slight break, Wet Spinach are back with a new EP. After the last EP was a long time ago, namely in May 2018 and there was also a change on the drums, they are now back in the game again. The trio from Upper Austria released the new work Razorblades And Alcohol in April 2022 and, as was to be expected, the thing is highly explosive.

A really tough heavy rock sound with a touch of good old metal punk. If I had to describe it somehow, I would call Wet Spinach the illegitimate child of Black Sabbath and Motörhead. One track in particular caught my eye on Razorblades And Alcohol because Wet Spinach already covered Hank Williams I on their first album I Saw The Light and now they're taking on Hank Williams III on the new EP Pills I Took and i as an old country fan think that's really cool, of course, especially because the song is reinterpreted in the wet spinach style.

This energetic EP was recorded at Support Nothing Studios in Linz by none other than the singer and guitarist from Johnny And The Rotten. The mastering was done by the Tonmeisterei in Germany and then of course released on the in-house label SteelCitySlicker Industries.

My conclusion: Excellent with asterisks! And how could I but give five out of five nails for this insane EP.

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1. Photo: Original from Wet Spinach and some Illustrations from Missfelidae Illustration -> Collage by Constantin Jacobs | 2. Photo: Fabian Fallend


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